Sunday, 16 January 2011

Lighting dilemma

I have a lighting dilemma and don't no what to do. I am considering two options.

  • I will be keeping my Led lighting, but i am thinking of building a new hood. This could incorporate either T5 lighting with that i already have. These will be stripped out of it's frame and placed in new hood.

  • The other option is creating a new hood that could incorporate a 150watt metal halide unit. Both these options include my current led lighting of three reef white and one blue aqua beam.

With these options in mind i am only wanting to use this additional lighting for about four hours per day to keep utility bill costs down.

My most favourable option is T5s but unsure if this will be sufficient for SPS corals.
I also think running costs between the two will be very little.

Please express your opinions and thoughts to aid my decision.

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