Friday, 15 August 2008

Aquascaping a Nano Reef Aquarium.

This week i am going to doing some aquascaping, I have put this off for many weeks and having read ultra marine magazine over the past few months there is a great article on building a reef aquarium with loads of information and tips.

I learnt that by placing your rock work to either side of your reef tank gives the illusion of more space and draws you eyes to the centre of the tank and hides the unnatural look of the nasty corners.

I am going to place the larger pieces of rock to the bottom to provide more stability and have purchased some deletec reef putty to make it more secure it is awkward when carrying out maintenance as the rocks move and make me nervous. The last thing i want to do is break something.

Hopefully this will then leave the centre open for corals and for the fish to swim and hide the pump, heater and skimmer sump that is home to rowaphoss and de-nitrate
Here go's

Ok not got rid of the sump, it does look a better and gives the effect the tank is bigger although not totally happy i think i will have another go at a later date.

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