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Time to close my reef down.

After much time thinking and debating it has become time for me to close down my reef aquarium. 
Having two children, a full time job and many other hobbies something had to give. I feel my commitment at the moment to my reef is not as it should be.   Don't get me wrong I still love this hobby but feel it right for the conservation of animals and my commitment to my family it be right to take a break. 
My plan is to sell everything for now. When ready I will at that time in the future purchase the latest technology and  adopt the latest techniques with maybe a custom built aquarium. 
So what will happen with my reef blog?
My reef blog will remain and I will still be spending time on forums and the internet  reefing sites. More importantly trying more to keep readers of this blog up to date with what is happening in the reefing world. 
I would love for the comments to keep coming, keeping the blog alive. Proving to me this blog helps its readers.