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Iceland Volcano and reef keeping.

What does the Iceland Volcano eruption have to do with reef keeping.? Well i was one of the lucky people to be forced to stay on holiday!! Loved the extra time away. But as great as this sounds it isn't all good. The extra cost of accommodation and and necessities for my two old boy like nappies, 16 for 10 euros, scandalous i know.

 Then there's work, and of cause the aquarium at home with only enough RO water prepared for the week. Not having any one with the knowledge of adding supplements, let alone testing/checking them. Having a simple reef system that i manage with no gadget's does have it's drawbacks.

I think i got home in the nick of time. an immediate water change and preparation and replenishment of RO to dilute the increasing salinity due to evaporation,. The corals didn't look too good my Magnesium and Alkalinity had dropped but not too much.

So Please make sure when you go away you know exactly how much supplements are required, Mix them up ready, and…