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My Reef Blog gets a article listed on Ezine Articles.

My reef blog has recently had a article published on Ezine Articles that i posted on My Reef Blog.
Ezine Articles is a publishing website that publishers unique articles wrote by authors. Articles are checked out manually using strict guidelines and criteria. It is a great place to spread news and information for writers and webmasters in order to create a brand for themselves.

New Ro Unit

Now that i am really getting involved in this hobby i thought it was time to purchase a RO unit.
I found posted on one of my favorite forums, that i could get one at a very recession beating price. I was a little sceptical about this purchase, but the company i got this from gave a very efficient and reliable service. There is a saying though, if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. This was not the case. This equipment is from abroad and is very good quality. The only draw back is the fact that the labeling and branding is in Spanish. But to compensate the instructions are English and the after sales help is great.

This unit will help in my quest to save money and time. I will no longer need to make regular trips to my local fish shop saving fuel and those sneaky purchases when funds are tight. Having calculated the cost of mixing my water also saves money.

This weekend is the time for installation, I always wanted an outside tap and RO unit so my uncle is coming to help…

Reef keeping Help, advice and tips.

Here's some help for the new Reef Keeper to avoid costly mistakes when starting Marine Reef keeping.

Before you start purchase a good book from a reputable marine shop. There are plenty available, just search the Internet. I know books are very expensive but this purchase alone will save you time, expense and prevent you from making some big mistakes.

Reading useful threads on a forum will give you priceless help and information. Posting relevant questions that you are unsure about will save you money. There are no dumb questions, just costly mistakes.

Research equipment, make sure you are getting what you want and more importantly need. There is nothing worse than buying something and later finding you can get a better item cheaper, or to find you never needed it in the first place. Remember this Hobby is very expensive and mistakes are very costly. By saving here and there could save you hundreds. Just think, you could buy them prized corals, fish and invertebrates with the money y…

A useful Article on reef lighting

For some time now the only available lighting options for Reef Keeping are T8 tubes, T5 Tubes, and Metal Halide. The cheapest option is T8 tubes, these are not very bright but are great for a fish only system.

T5's are much better and will allow you to keep quite a few corals. This includes many soft and a vast amount of Large Polyp Stoney corals. Stocking these types of Coral can create an attractive looking Aquarium. The problem is to achieve enough light you need numerous tubes and this increases the power consumption.

Metal Halide is the brightest option and allows reefers to keep almost all corals including Small Stoney Polyp Stoney corals that are considered the most difficult to keep. These units start with a minimum power consumption of 150 watts, increasing up to 400 watts. Running these 8 to 12 hours a day can put a big increase on energy bills. At the moment that is the last thing that people want in the financial situation and economy.

The problem with all these light…

Aquarays and evaporation

Having said in previous threads that the new aquarays from TMC will save me money in lighting and evaporation. I was incorrect.

Evaporation is still an issue. I have approximately the same amount of evaporation than i did when i used T5 lighting. So my advice is to still be prepared for evaporation in any reef tank when using LED,s

This has made me make allowance for this with my DIY hood project. I was going to enclose the top, but think the best way to go is open top.

But at least im saving 50% on my reef lighting bills.