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TDS and how to get it to zero.

Total dissolved solids, or TDS as it is otherwise known can be the cause of many problems. One of the main problems that it can cause, is nuisance algae like i have had.

As you will know from following my blog, i have had major issues with Algae. The RO water with a TDS reading of 9 that was being used woud'nt have helped. So how do you overcome this?

Get yourself anin line TDS meter to establish your TDS reading. This meter measures the water before the Reverse Osmosis and pre filter stages. It is not unusual for tap water to have a reading of 300. These meters also indicate the reading after the reverse osmosis process. As expected this should be zero.

If like me you have a TDS reading above 0. You will be feeding the nuisance algae. Provided your TDS is quite low, for example around 10 you can be satisfied that your Membrane is in satisfactory working order.
If higher or your RO membrane is a few years old you might want to consider membrane replacement.

So your pre filters a…

Red Sea Algae Control Test Kit, NO3 PO4

It was my Birthday last week and i decided i wanted to visit a local fish shop. Off we with the intention to get a  few bits and bobs and came away with a Pair of tank bred Percula clown fish, a really nice acropora frag and the new Algae Control test kit from Red Sea.

My intention was to purchase the high sensitivity Phosphate Merck kit from D-D, But as informed  by the shop that this had been replaced with a new kit, and in there opinion was not as good. I also needed a new Nitrate test kit but was unsure which brand to get. I really didn't want the salifert again, i wanted a high sensitivity kit.

The sales assistant recommended the new High sensitivity Algae Control test kit, gave me a quick demonstration, I was hooked. I am really happy with this kit and the kit has given me the accurate results i need. It's a quality product that is really easy to use with a colorimetric comparator like the old D-D. Refills are available so there will be no need to replace the entire kit.