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Uploading photos to forums and blogs

Having a reef aquarium as you know is great, but being able to share it with the world is better.
I know my photo's quality is rubish, it is because they are tacken on my mobile phone.
The problem is uploading them the internet. once uploaded they can be attatced to emails, added to blogs, websites and forums.

I use photobucket. Doing this saves memory on your computer and allows you to access them anywhere an internet connection allows. It also saves loads of bandwith on hosting accounts like blogger allowing you to put more information on your blog.

New torch coral frag

my intrest has really taken off with LPS corals now that i have had a couple for a while. The ones i have are doing really well, so i saw a really nice torch coral frag and could not resist.

My TMC Aquarays have arrived

Hooray! my Aquabeams have arrived. I ordered these Friday night and arrived today the 18th of February. A Great service from Reefstore. One reef blue and three reef whites purchased as duo combos. They were £150 per pair, the cheapest i have found on the Internet with a £5 delivery charge.

I have mounted these temporary to see how they look. Wow the blue is wicked. i was right to order just the one. The whites i find slightly yellow, but until they are mounted in my upcoming hood project, as the saying goes, time will tell. There is plenty of light though, glad i Incorporated this amount of aquabeams. The shimmer effect is amazing, looks really cool!

At least now thanks to the really cool running of these lights my evaporation should be much less and most importantly the electricity meter should slowing down. As stated in my DIY Reef hood project post these lights will reduce my lighting bill for the tank 50%.

Coral selection guide

Whilst surfing the Internet i found this really useful website with a coral selection guide that give information of coral requirements like lighting, flow, feeding, placement, general information and common names. I find it very useful and will use it in the future.

New LPs corals, Duncan and candy cane

I have been looking recently at getting some corals and came across two really great frags at what i thought to be a bargain. They are LPS corals, i am really starting to fall in love with these types of corals. I got a candy cane frag for £15.00 and a Duncan for £25.00. I wanted a differentcolour of coral than green that i seam to be mainly keeping. I will frag these and hopefully swap or trade to gain different colour variety after they have grown.

The main thing now that i have to take great care in is maintaining is magnesium, calcium and alkalinity. I suspect these will become depleted more quickly now my stock as increased.
Target feeding these corals is also something new to me. I will be feeding mainly red plankton, mysis and artema in the form of frozen food. I will try feeding twice a week and see how things go and increase if necessary using one of my water syringes

Heres the pictures

Candy cane

Duncan coral

Aquabeam and DIY hood upgrade

Having completed my last project repositioning my skimmer pump and creating extra space in the cupboard beneath the tank, i have decided after seeing the new TMCaqua beams in a display tank in a Local Fish Shop and seeing and Reading loads of feedback on forums, I'm going for it.

My plan is to firstly create a new hood for my aquarium matching the cabinet. The hood will hide the new lighting. because the heat generated will be less the the T5's i am currently using this is going to lessen the chance for overheating and evaporation.

The plan is to use three aqua beams, two white and one blue. I am hoping this is going to make the appearance of my reef look better, save energy and water.

I will upload some photos as this progresses, Now it's time to measure up and create the frame work that goes on top of my tank created from 20 by 20mm with bracing to accommodate the aqua beams then i will clad this with wood that matches my stand.


Today was the trial run with my hood pro…