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Peppermint shrimp and mythrax crab.

I have today finally made it to one of my local fish shops. I managed to get hold of a peppermint shrimp, although i wanted two. These seem very difficult to get hold of at the moment. My other purchase was a mythrax crab, to munch away on the overwhelming amount of bubble algae.
I have just checked my water parameters that now have been resolved. Alkalinity is back to 9.0 and the corals are starting to look better for it too. Whilst on my trip to local fish shop i stumbled upon some great 25ml syringes, these are fantastic for adding my balling lite supplements and feeding prepared foods.

Fingers crossed. My next post will be good news with reduced bubble algae and aiptasia.

Algae again, This cant be right.

I have just returned from probably the best holiday i have ever had in Rhodes, Greece in a place called Kiotari. All inclusive. Only to return to even more algae, I cant believe my luck with this hobby. Time to refresh the rowaphos in my reactor although not due. 

You May have noticed that i have not wrote many posts recently, this is because of a long ongoing project in the en suite. This has taken about a month and a half to complete. I don't even like to think how much this has cost. This in turn has had an effect on the time and effort placed in my reef aquarium. Some of my parameters or out of range. Salinity is a little high and Alkalinity is low, 6.4. So i have just removed a few litres of water and replaced with fresh RO water. And Alkalinity is being rectified slowly over next few days.

Hopefully this should start to improve in the next few days. I have had a check at my supplement's and a few test kits are running low and my salt supply is almost used so i am going t…