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Here are some Pictures of my little Reef, and to many awaited Ultimate Reef Members.

My REEF Blog

Welcome to my reef Blog, I started keeping marines a couple of years ago after keeping tropicals i was not getting the satisfaction from.

So off i went to a couple of Local fish shops and got some information and read a few books,I was hooked.

Current Spec

I decided to upgrade my current tank from tropical to marines and settled on a reef tank!

Although it being small and lessening the risk of loosing loads of money, i decided it to be the best option until i get used to keeping marines.

My tank is from pets at home although it has gone through many changes.

The capacity is only 125 litres making it a Nano tank.

Using the berlinsystem with a small amount of sand about 15 kilo's of live rock and a TMC600 skimmer although i know this is overkill it was recommended By a shop, more of a quick sale from the shop as i didn't know what i needed but does a great job. This skimmer had one problem, the pump in the tank, It took up loads of space so i decided to get an external pump, another £5…