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Are You Thinking of Using Balling Lite to Supplement Your Reef Aquarium? Is It the Best Method?

There are three methods of keeping Magnesium, alkalinity, and calcium supplements to the correct levels in a reef aquarium. These are. Manual addition of off the shelf additives, The use of a Calcium reactor and kalk stirrer, or the "balling lite" Method.

The first method is probably the best method to start with. It will familiarize you with supplement addition to a lightly stocked reef aquarium with a few LPS and SPS corals and wont cost you a small fortune to maintain good water parameters. After some time with growth and increased stocking you will notice the increased consumption of these important supplements with increasing cost.

The use of a calcium reactor and kalk stirrer is a very effective way of maintaining calcium and alkalinity. The problem with this method is the outlay of the equipment,and unless you have a large aquarium (500 litre plus) highly stocked with LPS and SPS corals demanding high consumption of supplements.I just think the outlay is not justified…

Why is my aquarium full of algae?

Nuisance algae is a problem many reef aquarists encounter. This article will point you in the right direction and more than likely by taking appropriate action to one of the solutions, your algae will disappear and never return. There are three main reasons for hair algae, these are listed in order of most probable cause.

Phosphates. This is at large the biggest cause of hair algae. The trouble with phosphates is that most aquarists check the parameter but because most test kits available are inaccurate they get false readings. Giving the impression that phosphates are at an acceptable level. The most reliable test kits to date are the Deltec phosphate test kit, but this is very expensive. The solution is very easy to solve. Use a phosphate adsorbing media such as rowaphos in direct flow in the aquarium. Using a inexpensive phosphate reactor for the media is much more effective and comes highly recommended. Either way ensure you change media every four to six weeks.

Water Movement. Wa…

Buying frags from fellow reefers.

Well it has to be said that buying frags from other reefers saves money. It does, i recently went to see a very knowledgeable and friendly reefer for the second time to buy a Acan frag. I came away with the Acan and about five other frags of many SPS corals. What a bargain, £20. This has to be my best purchase of corals, be it frags that i have ever bought. It is worth reading his tank thread on Ultimate Reef. He is very inspirational and shows what can be done with a Nano sized reef aquarium.

It is well worth checking out reefing forums. You can and most likely will save loads on corals, fish and equipment. Maybe make new Friends too.