Thursday, 5 February 2009

Aquabeam and DIY hood upgrade

Having completed my last project repositioning my skimmer pump and creating extra space in the cupboard beneath the tank, i have decided after seeing the new TMC aqua beams in a display tank in a Local Fish Shop and seeing and Reading loads of feedback on forums, I'm going for it.

My plan is to firstly create a new hood for my aquarium matching the cabinet. The hood will hide the new lighting. because the heat generated will be less the the T5's i am currently using this is going to lessen the chance for overheating and evaporation.

The plan is to use three aqua beams, two white and one blue. I am hoping this is going to make the appearance of my reef look better, save energy and water.

I will upload some photos as this progresses, Now it's time to measure up and create the frame work that goes on top of my tank created from 20 by 20mm with bracing to accommodate the aqua beams then i will clad this with wood that matches my stand.


Today was the trial run with my hood project almost complete. I am really happy with it, sits perfectly on the tank. I have made this from two by one timber, creating a frame work with joist like pieces to support my new LED Lighting. Simple to create with a few power tools.
Then i have covered this with shelving i found at B and Q that matches the cabinet perfectly.
The difficult part was sticking the matching covering on the frame work that was purchased from Wilkinson's, It took quite some time with this process, but well worth the time and effort.

All that remains for me to do know is fit the lighting to the hood, oh and as promised upload some photos! Must take some now.

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