Tuesday, 10 February 2009

New LPs corals, Duncan and candy cane

I have been looking recently at getting some corals and came across two really great frags at what i thought to be a bargain. They are LPS corals, i am really starting to fall in love with these types of corals. I got a candy cane frag for £15.00 and a Duncan for £25.00. I wanted a different colour of coral than green that i seam to be mainly keeping. I will frag these and hopefully swap or trade to gain different colour variety after they have grown.

The main thing now that i have to take great care in is maintaining is magnesium, calcium and alkalinity. I suspect these will become depleted more quickly now my stock as increased.
Target feeding these corals is also something new to me. I will be feeding mainly red plankton, mysis and artema in the form of frozen food. I will try feeding twice a week and see how things go and increase if necessary using one of my water syringes

Heres the pictures

Candy cane

candy cane frag,candy cane,candycane

Duncan coral

duncan coral frag,duncan frag,duncan coral

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