Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Reef conservation and implications

We all know how beautiful coral reefs are, many of us have seen them on the TV and few lucky enough will have visited one of the many around the world. This will of cause what will have made you to decide to keep these fantastic animals in your home.

Many of these have disappeared and even more are under threat. These include Climate change, Pollution, overfishing and other human activities. As hobbyist's it our responsibility we don't contribute to these threats.

Please Act responsibly. Many corals, fish and invertebrates come from the wild. many reefs around the world are productive so taking from them can be sustainable, provided it is correctly managed. You can help by finding ways helping conservation. Here are a few ideas to help you.

  • Use all resources for selecting livestock including, Books, Magazines, experience from other Reefers and on line Forums.

  • Learn about your upcoming purchases using the above resources.

  • Find out where your fish and corals come from.

  • Make sure the animals are certified and sustainable.

  • Find coral 'frags' from fellow reefers that come from their aquariums.

Some rules. All corals require an import license, some species are banned into the EU to help protect them.Looking for stock that is certified by the Marine Aquarium Council (MAC) This stock will have met all the above criteria and more. Other organisations inlude the Marine Conservation Society.

Now you need to be responsible in meeting your live-stocks needs and see many years of enjoyment from your livestock. Requirements include.

Correct water quality. Plenty of space.
Correct food and feeding regime.
Compatibility with other tank mates.

Remember there is always something to learn. hobbyist's are learning new things all the time. This is one of the great things about this hobby


Anonymous said...

Sorry if this is off topic but I’m thinking of buying this book. Curious if anyone’s has checked out the new book “Hell’s Aquarium” by Steve Alten? I know he’s been a best selling author before, but wanted to see if anyone had read this book first? It’s about the ancient prehistoric shark Megalodon, which makes the current Great White Shark look like a gold fish. Check out the trailer below, pretty awesome:


Fish Tanks said...

Thank you for raising awareness about this issue. Many coral reefs are being destroyed more quickly and often than people realize and something needs to be done about it.