Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Living room revamp and decoration.

It has been quite some time since i have wrote on my reef blog. I have been decorating the living room, Quite a task. The plasma TV is now in the wall as part of the false chimney breast that is now finished in a blue suede effect paint to compliment the other furnishings in the living room, it looks great!

I have just finished laying a real oak wood floor, this is very difficult to lay and a time consuming task, without taking the cost into consideration. Really happy with the result.

I am now awaiting an entertainment unit that is being custom made to fit the exact width of the false chimney breast. This will hide all the equipment, including all the newly installed plug sockets, phone line, aerial socket and wiring outlet for the TV wires. The unit will be finished in gloss white. Im hoping it will look fantastic.

Back to the reef hobby now. I have had to move my aquarium into the kitchen diner for the last month to help aid in the completion of the above mentioned changes. It has been slightly neglected because of the hard work in the living room, but I will in the next few days be reintroducing it to the living room. Before i do though i am going to strip down and overhaul the equipment and try my best to hide any offending cables and unsightly wires.

As soon as this is done and finished i will upload a few photos so you can see the end result.

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