Saturday, 23 January 2010

Whats next, future plans fo my nano reef.

Whats next for my reef aquarium? well after purchasing a sun coral and my first SPS, montipora from a local reefer. I have made a few decisions. The softies are going to be going in due course, I now have found a real intrest in LPS and SPS corals. This means a few things are going to change over the nest few months.

Apart from fragging, selling and swopping,  most of my soft corals. I have realized from my recent purchase that i need a couple of items.

Firstly i need a much better power head, having seen the new vortech pumps in operation and there many ways of controling water flow, and space saving pumps. I now have the "I want one of those" problems. I am going to see if i can swap my T5 Lighting luminaire for a MP10 or MP20 on one of the online forums, this will save me loads of money and allow me to use my cash for future livestock purchases.

Secondly i am having outbrakes of algea. I need to get rid of it, and using rowaphos in a bag does'nt quite apeal to me any more and is not very affective. So i have decided that i should invest in a phosphate reactor. To my surprize, after some research i have found a complete kit for about £80, so it seams a no brainer when funds allow.

It just goes to show how much other reefers can inspire you.

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