Thursday, 27 May 2010

Whats that strange noise coming from the fish tank?

Not the best thing for your partner to say to you. Obviously i had to investigate and after a quick look i concluded it was my power head. It sounded like it was sticking then it continued to run, strange i thought. just then thought i will have to keep a lookout for this happening again. But about two hours later after watching some TV i looked into the reef aquarium, to my horror all was still. No water movement, WHAT! The power head had failed.

I knew immediately i had to resolve this. Luckily i had a spare power head in the garage that i used before so it was time to use it. PHEW! The only problem with the power head is it was converted with a kit to produce more flow and although really effective it produces humming sounds from time to time and can be a little annoying. But until i can afford a new Vortech it will have to do. I had forgotten how powerful this pump was.

So what have i learned? Never get rid of old equipment, you will never know when it might be needed or even better if finances allow buy two power heads and heaters, use lighting with independent  power sources and timers. This way if it fails only one item will and not all. This could save your reef investment and livestock.

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