Tuesday, 27 July 2010

New Phosphate reactor

Well it has been some time since my last post, there has been a few changes since then. I have managed to repair my old power head and seems to be working fine for now. I am in the process of saving for a vortech MP10. This should sort the flow properly, anyway as the title suggests. I now have a new phosphate reactor up and running and early indications of my algae problem seams to becoming a thing of the past, fingers crossed. These items are definitely a thing of necessity and not desire. If you don't have one get one, they are not an expensive item and are real easy to set up and run.

This reactor is from Three Little Fishes and requires the use of an additional pump/power  head in the simplest form. Full operating instructions are included although i have to say this product will requires additional means of sealing the hoses on top of the reactor. I have used tie wraps that secure the hoses snug with no leakage.

Lets just hope the algae dies off and then i will publish some photos so you can see my progress in reef keeping.

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Greg and Rachel said...

Wow. Good to know there are effective algae-control methods out there.