Monday, 22 November 2010

Aqua-beam transformer problem, the problems keep rolling.

As i said in my last post about things not going my way. Last Thursday i was sat watching TV when i noticed one of my aquabeams intermittently flashing. I was frustrated, but thought i would be able to sort it the following morning due to it being late. Luckily, don't think that's the right word. I could smell something burning just as i was on my way upstairs to bed. It turned out to be the aqua-beam transformer. It was split open and red hot. I am so relieved that this happened when it did.

The next day i decided to to contact TMC who manufacture these units. They were very concerned to hear about this and have promised uprated transformer's to be delivered as soon as possible, free of charge with the request i return the old faulty units. I await these units as i wright this post. The real frustrating thing is this as happened over the weekend. I just hope this wont have any effect on any of my livestock.

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