Saturday, 29 January 2011

Seeking Mythrax crab and Peppermint shrimp

Aiptasia and green bubble algae are about to defeat me. I am becoming unable to control aiptasia and green bubble algae. The only solution other than pulling all my hair out from using aiptasia x and removing bubble algae one by one, only to find it seems to double every time i do this. Is to use natural cures. Namely  a Mythrax crab to eat the bubble algae and a Peppermint shrimp to consume all the plagued aiptasia.
If there are any UK readers in the midlands area have any of these please contact me as these seem to be hard to come by.

Some good news though, the reactor i bought in July has certainly done the trick. Green algae has all gone and remains that way. So if you have bad hair algae you must get yourself a phosphate reactor.


Curvball said...

If you do use peppermint shrimps, you'll need at least 3 or more - they are really only effective when used in groups for controlling those pest anemones.
As for Mithras crabs - be weary, they can pick on corals and just about anything else. Also they ensure valonia spreads as the burst each bubble when consuming it.

If your PO4 levels are consistently low, then te valonia algae should disappear, with manual removal to careful remove the bubbles you can see.

Good luck.

Biorb Fish Tanks Blog said...


I know the pain that Aips can bring.
I've had great success with a Racoon Butterfly fish, but I don't think that would work in a nano tank.

You may need more than one Pepermint shrimp to attack these. I've never had any luck with Pepermint shrimps, but I know people swear by them.

I know a good contact who can get you Mithras Crabs. If you ask for Macca on that ReefCorals forum, he might be able to sort you out.

aquarium supplies said...

Both these two types of seafood are not that easy to be found.You'd better to check where are they mostly located online first.Good luck!

Mad Hatter Reef said...

Matted Filefish will eat Aiptasia and they do a very good job at it. The only draw back is the eat everting Else in the marine tank too. Good luck.