Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Deltec, D-D Aquarium Solution Magazine out now

After waiting for the latest Ultra Marine magazine to drop through the door and wondering about this months contents it arrived. upon arrival it appeared some what thicker and heavier than usual? The reason, a wonderful glossy magazine/ catalogue from D-D aquarium solutions.

What a fab magazine this is, it is full of really helpful reef keeping articles, these are
  • Rowaphos, why waste your money?
  • Understanding salinity
  • Chasing the tail of pH
  • protein skimming
  • An idiots guide to reef photography
with a couple of features, including one amazing reef tank owned by David Saxby, plus much more.
The magazine also displays all the latest products available from D-D, i didn't realize the had so many.

If you get the chance, you must get your hands on a copy. They are available to buy for £2.50 or you get one free with any D-D product purchases.

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