Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Red Sea Algae Control Test Kit, NO3 PO4

It was my Birthday last week and i decided i wanted to visit a local fish shop. Off we with the intention to get a  few bits and bobs and came away with a Pair of tank bred Percula clown fish, a really nice acropora frag and the new Algae Control test kit from Red Sea.

My intention was to purchase the high sensitivity Phosphate Merck kit from D-D, But as informed  by the shop that this had been replaced with a new kit, and in there opinion was not as good. I also needed a new Nitrate test kit but was unsure which brand to get. I really didn't want the salifert again, i wanted a high sensitivity kit.

The sales assistant recommended the new High sensitivity Algae Control test kit, gave me a quick demonstration, I was hooked. I am really happy with this kit and the kit has given me the accurate results i need. It's a quality product that is really easy to use with a colorimetric comparator like the old D-D. Refills are available so there will be no need to replace the entire kit.

This is my first purchase of Red Sea products and most likely wont be my last.

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