Friday, 4 November 2011

Vortech MP10 placement

For some time now i have used the Vortech MP10 power head for water movement and i am really happy with it's performance, even more so from reading articles about there underrated flow rates. These power heads produce much more flow than stated on there specification sheet, leaving other competing brands behind with rated turn over/flow.

Regular readers of this blog will know about my battle with algae, well it as started again but in a different form (unsure of name). The thing is the algae is only on the right hand side of the reef aquarium. From my photos you will see my aquarium is approx 90cm wide, 40cm depth and 60cm deep, with a tall rock formation on the left hand side and of cause the location of my MP10. I feel this is reducing flow to the right hand side where the algae is growing and i consider this to be the cause.

My options to solve this problem are to purchase another Vortech MP10 but feel this to be a costly solution. the more favorable solution that i have decided to put to action is to relocate the powerhead to the centre of the back glass. This has in turn created more uniform flow throughout the aquarium, and time will tell if this cures the algae problem.

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