Monday, 2 January 2012

new Deltec MCE300 Skimmer

Christmas has just been and i decided to treat myself. As you may well know from previous posts. One of my to buys, was a new skimmer. After reading reviews and comments posted on reefing forums i decided to buy a Deltec MCE skimmer.

 It's awesome, running at just 10 watts it produces loads of micro bubbles. It is producing much more waste than my old TMC V2 500 skimmer and this was running from a ocean runner 2500 pump using 50 watts of power. so this should save me some money to help with the purchase of a auto top up unit. Not only is it cheaper to run it is much quieter and tidier.

This in turn has got rid of all the piping running to the storage cabinet underneath and as given me the chance to tidy the cabinet up and make things much more accessible.

Here you can see it in operation.


This shows how much tidier it is.


And the cabinet


Comments welcome.


Kev said...

Do like a tidy unit and tank. Good little piece on the skimmer, Been having a few problems with my internal ,think it might be fatty frozen foods preventing the skimmer producing foam.

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Gareth said...

Thanks for your comment, have you checked the air pipe? Maybe it's blocked. Hope you sort it. It is a great skimmer but find it a little noisy like most good reeding products.

Ray said...

Looking good man! The skimmer was a great addition. Feel free to add your site to in our nano category here

Alan young said...

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