Sunday, 24 June 2012

Balling Lite mixes a Simple Reference guide

After mixing fauna Marin balling lite mixes for some time with confusion and no simple reference guide I have decided to add a small article to help me and fellow reefers. To simplify matters for all I am publishing this information in grams per litre not the confusing unit as used by fauna Marin. This is because myself and many others mix using smaller amounts.

Magnesium mix = magnesium chloride hexahydrate diluted to 500 grams per RO litre.

Alkalinity mix = Sodium Bicarbonate diluted to 125 grams per RO litre with 12ml of iodine added. A little tip to help dilute salts is to heat RO water in the microwave for a few minutes.

Calcium mix = Calcium chloride dehydrate diluted to 500 grams per litre with 12 ml of heavy metal complex and 12 ml strontium/barium complex. Warning, when mixing calcium it gets very hot very quickly, this is normal. Just be careful.

When mixing place half the amount of RO water needed into container then add balling salts to the container , then top up to litre unit. If you start with a litre of water then add salts you will end up with too much for your container.

Always mix salts into water, not water into salts.

I hope this guide will help you in the future feel free to bookmark or print and use as a quick reference guide in the future.

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Having a salt water aquarium in the house is sometimes a burden because this needs some maintenance. Glad to know that I've found this post.