Monday, 14 October 2013

Selling a reef aquarium. Questions and answers

My last post informed you of my temporary end to my reef aquarium. There are a couple of ways to close a reef aquarium both have advantages. This post explains selling as a complete aquarium. 

The first is to sell as a complete unit with everything in one go. A job lot so to speak. The good thing about this is, everything can be gone all in one go including a few items you may have struggled to sell. It's also much quicker and much less stressful. But this way may be enjoyable for some. Reasons such as a sudden house move for example may spur this method on. 

This method also has disadvantages. You won't get as much of a return on your investment, you may struggle selling your aquarium because your setup does not fulfill your buyers needs. Then they may start asking if you will split items.

Shipping can become either. You will only have one shipping fee if you decide to ship which I would not recommend. I would sell on a collection only basis. 

In my next post I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of selling items separately. 

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Kyle Montgomer said...

I have made money from time to time buying peoples entire set ups and reselling them piece by piece