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It has been some time since I posted on this blog. But with most things everything goes in cycles and though I should keep it going maybe not reef related but a great opportunity to save money and get cash back in a great fun way.  TopCashback  allows you to shop as normal but currently at time of publishing this post eBay are giving 4% cashback. All you need to to is click the TopCashback link  join and before making a purchase click through the cash back link on TopCashback and the money accumulates in your account. You then withdraw and spend it on whatever you like. There are hundreds of different shops and stores. It really doesn’t take long to accumulate. Some very well known businesses/brands give really good rates. You really could be buying those new lights, aquarium, pumps before you realised. And it’s probably most likely things you will be buying anyway. 


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Vauxhall vivaro movano heater blower motor not working. How to fix, repair

So it’s a cold winters morning your frozen to the bone, you jump into your vauxhall vivaro and turn the heaters on, it doesn’t work. In this article I will explain how to repair. There are commonly three things that can go wrong and it true to be said with most vehicles. These are the fuse, the motor, and or the heater resister. These should be checked in this order. Not only to keep costs down but is a good methodical way to solve the problem. A little contradictory but before you do anything just check if the motor works on any speeds at all. If it does, particularly the fastest speed. It safe to say the fuse and motor are working fine, and would probably mean that heater resister if faulty. If this doesn’t do anything you should grab the owners manual and locate the fuse. This can be checked visually by removing and looking at the fuse element or the use of a power probe and checking a power at both sides of the element. If the heater still doesn’t work, remove the motor a

The Reef Aquarium With Low Magnesium - What Can Happen?

Hopefully you will understand that keeping corals is a huge responsibility and can become very expensive to yourself and the environment. Corals are very interesting animals and unless you are willing to nurture them properly, you should find another hobby. After checking the usual, Salinity, Nitrate and Phosphates. You should be checking Magnesium, Alkalinity and Calcium. These three parameters are very important when keeping short polyp stony,and long polyp stony hard corals, SPS and LPS respectively. So what effects will low magnesium have on your reef aquarium? You will find it very difficult to maintain high alkalinity and calcium levels if magnesium is low. Corals will slow in growth and will cause some corals such as Duncans and torch corals to recede, and in some cases die. You may as many other reefers do, think you have something unseen and/or unheard of eating your corals, because branching heads or receding one by one. Don't get fooled by this, it more likely

The Deep Hull Public Aquarium review and aquarists inspiration

The Deep Hull Aquarium in the United Kingdom is a great day out for anyone including families and reef keepers too. Maybe you have already been if so please leave a comment below of your experience. This place certainly has the wow factor. Plenty to see including to really big fish that will blow you away. What’s more you can pay a little extra and get s season pass to see it all again and maybe see a few things you missed. The building centres around a large central aquarium that is very large and deep giving zones of where various fish live. The perimeter then has many levels with different viewing windows right from the shallows to the deep. Really fascinating to see. There are also many other areas with smaller aquariums with different types of themes including tropical and marine themes.