Wednesday, 18 February 2009

My TMC Aquarays have arrived

Hooray! my Aquabeams have arrived. I ordered these Friday night and arrived today the 18th of February. A Great service from Reefstore. One reef blue and three reef whites purchased as duo combos. They were £150 per pair, the cheapest i have found on the Internet with a £5 delivery charge.

I have mounted these temporary to see how they look. Wow the blue is wicked. i was right to order just the one. The whites i find slightly yellow, but until they are mounted in my upcoming hood project, as the saying goes, time will tell. There is plenty of light though, glad i Incorporated this amount of aquabeams. The shimmer effect is amazing, looks really cool!

At least now thanks to the really cool running of these lights my evaporation should be much less and most importantly the electricity meter should slowing down. As stated in my DIY Reef hood project post these lights will reduce my lighting bill for the tank 50%.

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