Friday, 12 June 2009

9 Unthought of Accessories reqiured for Reef Keeping

This article will aid you in the selection of some necessary items That you may not have considered to help keep a great looking reef aquarium. This excludes all the obvious hardware like pumps, skimmer, test kits and so on. You may well have some of these around the home, But I would recommend aquarium dedicated items to prevent contamination and unwanted problems.

  1. Algae scraper. This will allow you to keep the glass on the inside of the aquarium nice and clean, preventing you having to put your hands in and getting wet. Doing this regularly will ensure great viewing pleasure of your aquariums inhabitants.

  2. Turkey baster or similar. These are really cheap and can be found in many food utility shops. Not the most obvious choice of equipment, but these can be used for feeding corals and cleaning off live rock with a blast of Aquarium water every week or more.

  3. Small water Jug. These are really useful, I find these helpful with water changes and when adding additives to the aquarium. It is the cheapest method. There are other ways but these can get expensive and complicated to the new hobbyist.

  4. Food safe bucket bucket. This is needed for water changes and food safe comes highly recommended.

  5. Water siphon. Not essential but really helps drain water on water changes.

  6. Glass cleaner. As above but will keep the outside of the glass nice and clean for viewing pleasure.

  7. Scissors, Knife and cutters. These can be used for cutting "frags" of your corals that can then be traded with other reefers.

  8. Storage box or Container. Really useful for keeping test kits, additives and some of the above accessories.
  9. Bucket or suitable container. You will need this for them really important and regular water changes, just empty or drain your water into the bucket

You will be surprised how much these simple items will help you in this fascinating hobby.


rotem said...

I agree that Algae scraper is essential tool.
unfortunately the back glass is the problem. thanks for sharing.

Stephanie said...

turkey baster is a wonderful little tool for cleaning off the rock!

thank you for the tip!!!